Pet Care

Our naturally derived professional quality dog care products are enriched with hydrolysed oats, amino acids and honey-based conditioners.

  • These products will give your pet a glowing healthy coat, without stripping natural oils.
  • Enhanced with wheat proteins and amino acids to ensure a vital, shiny, healthy coat.
  • Infused with the fresh and uplifting scent of essential oil based tangerine fragrance.
  • The best dog shampoo for soothing itchy irritated skin.
  • Suitable for all breeds, sizes and coat types.
  • Gentle enough to use on puppies and smaller breeds.

‘Amino-syne’ technology -
Amino acids impart brilliance and lustre to the fur strands.
Supports the healthy state of the coat.
Assists with moisture retention and provides a moisture balancing effect.
Highly efficient and greywater friendly -
Grey-water compatible ingredients create minimal impact on effluent and water recycling systems.
Readily biodegradable ingredients.
100% Australian Made & Owned

30 Day Money Back Guarantee - If you're not happy, we're not happy! We trust you will love our products 100%.