Stainless Steel Pegs TWIN PACK Silver

Stainless Steel Pegs TWIN PACK Silver

  • $65.95

Silver Stainless Steel Infinity Clothes Pegs Twin Pack - 40 Regular & 10 Large Pegs.

The perfect combo pack! Plenty of regular size pegs for clothing and enough large to hang out those heavier items like towels and jeans! 

How many times have you gone to grab a peg off the line only to have it shatter in your hand? Creating a mess and unnecessary plastic pollution. Probably too many times to count. 

Well make that plastic waste a thing of the past with our Stainless Steel Infinity Pegs!

Our Stainless Steel Infinity Pegs will last you a lifetime. Made from marine grade 316 stainless steel they will not rust or corrode even in heavy salt environments. Size of wire material means they will not get too hot to touch in the sun. Perfect for indoor and outdoor use.

In this twin pack you will receive - 

  • 40x Silver Regular size pegs, 1.7mm wire 5.8cm long
  • 10x Silver Large size pegs, 2mm wire 7.5cm long
  • Super Strong Grip Strength
  • Ecofriendly - No Plastic
  • Indoor / Outdoor use
  • 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel
  • Will not rust
  • Will last forever!

Plastic pegs break down in the sun and often snap into pieces when you grab them, these plastic pieces end up all over the ground and washing away into our waterways eventually turning into the micro-plastics that you always hear about. You can help to reduce amount of plastic that ends up in our oceans and waterways by using these invincible steel pegs!

The last set of pegs you'll ever buy!